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Bail bonds businesses see a boom in calls as Christmas comes near

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – The holidays are considered the busy season for shopping malls and post offices, but it’s also the busiest time for bail bonds businesses.

Jeremy Hubbard, manager at A-Affordable Bail Bonds in Vancouver, helps people reunite with their loved ones during the holidays.

“We boom during December,” he said. “Families are more willing to get their family members out during the holiday seasons compared to like January where, you know, let them learn a lesson.”

Hubbard said business skyrockets so much, his profits nearly doubles in December.

Unfortunately, he said an uptick in DUI and domestic violence calls this time of year also plays a part.

“You get families and alcohol together and bad stuff happens,” said Hubbard.

People also often call to try and clear any warrants so they don’t end up in jail on Christmas Day.

“As a recovery agency, we love picking people up on Christmas, because we know where they’re going to be at. They’re going to be at mom’s house,” said Hubbard. “Cops are the same way.”

Hubbard is clear though, this time of year isn’t about making an extra buck. Instead, he said it’s about helping families reunite and hopefully stay out of jail for good.

“We walk them through the court process,” Hubbard said. “We remind them of their court dates, we call the co-signer, I mean we do it way better than the court does.”

“It’s that simple, because we get the family involved,” he continued.

Hubbard said he also sees spikes in business around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the Super Bowl and any other days that tend to involve drinking.

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