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Bail Bond industry against abolishing bail in Washington state

Denny Behrend spends every afternoon at the King County Jail in downtown Seattle, offering bail money to people just arrested on suspicion of committing felony-level crimes. “First and foremost, I want to say that bail works,” Behrend told KIRO 7 on Wednesday. “It’s something that’s been in the American criminal justice system virtually since the founding of our nation.” Behrend, of Lacey O’Malley Bail Bonds, and Randy Bosley of Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding are both concerned that efforts to end the cash bail system will be successful in Washington state, as similar efforts have recently been in California and New ... Read more

Bail bonds businesses see a boom in calls as Christmas comes near

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – The holidays are considered the busy season for shopping malls and post offices, but it’s also the busiest time for bail bonds businesses. Jeremy Hubbard, manager at A-Affordable Bail Bonds in Vancouver, helps people reunite with their loved ones during the holidays. “We boom during December,” he said. “Families are more willing to get their family members out during the holiday seasons compared to like January where, you know, let them learn a lesson.” You Might Be Interested In Local Bail Bonds Businesses Booming Over Holidays The Rise of Bail Bonds: How Getting Your Loved One ... Read more

Bail bondsman takes pride in his work, for as long as it lasts

FAIRFIELD — In August, with the deft touch of his pen to paper, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a landmark bill into law abolishing cash bail for folks who are arrested and jailed. Suddenly the eight to 10 bail bondsmen operating locally in Solano County found themselves looking at the near certain turning upside-down of their livelihoods. The change in the law, which is set to take effect next year, surprised many observers at the time, according to Tom Toler, a longtime bail bondsmen with an office off of West Texas Street in Fairfield. But the insurance companies who find the ... Read more

Bail bond industry moves to block sweeping California law, submitting signatures for a 2020 ballot referendum

A coalition of bail bond industry groups took a major step Tuesday toward blocking California’s historic overhaul of the bail system, submitting more than enough signatures required for a statewide referendum on the law in 2020. If the signatures are verified by elections officials, the law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in August would be suspended until voters decide whether to overturn it, allowing bail agents to continue doing business before the industry’s future in California is decided. The effort to end cash bail has picked up critics on both sides of the issue. Over the last two years, bail ... Read more

Bail bonds industry facing obsolescence under law eliminating cash bail

Many questions remain unanswered about a new bill signed this week that eliminates cash bail in California and instead replaces it with a “pretrial risk assessment” in which a local agency will determine the risk level of those charged with a crime; report their results to the court; and make recommendations for conditions of release. But one thing is pretty clear. The new law would decimate the bail bonds industry. “It does away with a whole industry that’s been around probably 150 years and didn’t cost the taxpayers one dime,” said Steve Epps, owner of Cowboy Bail Bonds in Bakersfield. ... Read more

Bail Bonds businesses say thousands of Californians will lose their jobs under new reform law

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) — A monumental change came for California which became the first state to abolish money bail. Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Money Bail Reform Act into law, saying it will allow “rich and poor alike” to be treated fairly. “It ends money bail. Period. Full stop. End of story,” said Assemblyman Rob Bonta, who co-authored the bill. “It will no longer be based on money any more because that is wrong. It will be based on an individual’s full set of circumstances, their risk to the public, their risk of flight and that’s the right thing ... Read more

Local bail bondsman defies negative TV stereotypes

Many Americans who spend a lot of time in front of the TV have likely seen enough criminal dramas to believe they understand the process of what happens when the police arrest someone. This is understandable when one considers the sheer number of police-centered television shows that have played out on primetime TV for decades. One of the most popular, the reality series, “Cops,” entered its 31st season last summer, billing itself as “the most authentic” reality show on television. But does all of this law enforcement-centric content really provide the average viewer with a true understanding of one of the most ... Read more

It could become cheaper to bail someone out of jail soon

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Bail bonds in Erie County could decrease significantly in the coming months. Erie County legislators unanimously passed a bail reform resolution urging Albany to reduce or even eliminate the cost of bail for some low level non violent criminals. A report published by the Partnership for Public Good said the average bail price in Erie County is five times more expensive than in New York City. According to the report, of the all the misdemeanor trails the organization viewed, nearly 40 percent of all bail bonds were set between $5,000 and $6,000. “So you’re in jail ... Read more