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Local Bail Bonds Businesses Booming Over Holidays

TOLEDO (WTOL) – It’s Christmas Eve, and for some people, all they want for Christmas is to see their loved one out of jail. It’s creating a rush for local bail bonds businesses.

“People want to be with their loved ones. You know, they may want to get their husband out, their son out. There are a lot of women that are incarcerated too that their families, you know.. Their children need them during the holiday,” Diana Sutton of ABC Bail Bonds said.

It’s a spike in work for local bail bondsmen, as family members look to buy their relatives’ freedom, before Christmas. Many of those eligible to be bailed out of jail are typically charged with non-violent misdemeanor offenses, like open traffic warrants or traffic violations. Once granted a bond by a judge, they can be bailed out, which is driving traffic to area bail bonds businesses.

“Also, Christmas, you have more money available. People have more money available during Christmas time. Jobs give them bonuses or they’ve been saving,” Sutton said.

Employees at ABC Bail Bonding said they’ve bailed out around 22 people from jail in the past week alone. Over at Toledo Bail Bonds, they’re expecting upwards of 40 bonds during this Christmas week.

Overall, local bail bonds businesses say they’re seeing a 50 to 60 percent increase in bonds served. In a normal week, these businesses bail roughly ten people out jail.

“Around the holidays, like the week before Thanksgiving, Christmas, then it slows down first week of January, second week of January, and then around income tax, it gets really crazy,” Sutton said.

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